Steven Paterson

Living on the beautiful North Norfolk coast I am inspired by the light, water and reflections of it's countryside and coastlines.

I originally began my art journey in Watercolour which was a challenge, but now paint mostly in oils. I find that with this medium there is a greater freedom. You are able to move the paint around, paint thin and thick.

I like painting in the great outdoors (en plein air) as it encourages spontaneity and keeps the work fresh, avoiding overworking and adding unnecessary details.

I find it is an instinctive way of painting, reacting to the changing weather and light conditions which often produces unforeseen results. It is all about capturing the “essence” of a place in a few brushstrokes and limited amount of time.

In the studio I can paint more considered pieces whilst attempting to maintain the freshness of painting outside.

I have participated in A Brush with The Broads, Norfolk Open Studios, Paint Out Norfolk and North Norfolk Open Studios.

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